Services & Help

When you contact my community office, my staff and I will do everything we can to assist. Your confidentiality is respected at all time. To give you a better idea of how we can help, please review the following information. You can also check out our community directory for lists of helpful local and provincial contacts.

What my constituency office can help you with:

Assistance and Advocacy:
  • Find the services you need
  • Understand your rights
  • Assist in communicating with Provincial Government Ministries
  • Provide information and help communicate with WorkSafe BC, ICBC, BC Housing, Residential Tenancy Branch, Employment Standards Branch, Family Maintenance Program, and the Provincial Ombudsman
  • Resources on government programs and policies
  • What Claire is doing in and around North Island
Community Causes:
  • We build effective relationships that support local efforts
Special Greetings:
  • We can help you arrange special messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant milestones
We can also connect you to:
  • Mental Health Teams
  • TRAC (Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre)
  • Homeowner Protection Office
  • Legal Services Society
  • BC Coalition of People with Disabilities
  • BC Human Rights Coalition
  • Victim Services
  • Other levels of government and service providers

We can help you if:

  • You are a resident of the North Island riding; and,
  • Your matter is with the provincial government.

Unfortunately, we cannot help you if:

  • You have  or need to retain a lawyer to represent you pertaining to your case;
  • Your matter is pending before the courts.
  • The police are involved. We cannot make inquiries about police investigations. If you have a complaint about police conduct , please direct them to the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner.

We are unable to:

  • Offer legal advice or assist with legal action
  • Overturn the decision of any provincial government ministry or body
  • Influence processes set up in law to be independent of the Legislature –such as Ombudsman, Police Complaints Commissioner. Representative for Child and Youth, professional and other
  • Change the time limits for filing appeals
  • Take on casework that is federal or municipal in nature
  • Interfere with federal or municipal issues
  • Settle disputes between businesses or neighbours
  • Find constituents housing
  • Find constituents employment