Call for improved communications from north island MLA

Improvements in communications are vital for the economic and social health of our communities as well as for safety, according to North Island MLA Claire Trevena.

She is urging both Telus and the Ministry of Technology and Citizen Services to step up and ensure north island communities receive equity in service. She has written to request action on broadband internet, cell service and pagers.

“It’s 2015 and we are falling behind,” said Trevena. “I regularly hear about the lack of cell coverage on our major highways – 19 and 28 – and another accident highlighted how desperate that need is.

“And we know we are getting improved internet service to Port McNeill, but Port Hardy and Port Alice also need to have broadband. It allows access to education, to healthcare, to economic opportunities.

“This is as important to communities as electrification once was. Our communities are no less deserving than the south island or lower mainland.”

Trevena is also raising with both Telus and the government concerns about the potential loss of pager service. In areas where there is no cell phone, pagers are the lifeline for emergency responders.

She has offered to work with Telus and the Ministry to find solutions which would allow all north island communities be connected.